Child Marriage

Child Marriage

An inspiring true story of one of our beneficiaries:
At the age of 14, Kadzo got married to her husband Kazungu, a 25-year-old herdsman. The couple had a daughter and lived in a small hut in Adu, Magarini sub-county, Kilifi county.
“When I got married, I thought I was running away from the poverty in our family. Life was so difficult, such that we could only afford one meal a day,” narrates Kadzo, who had to drop out of school as a result of her early marriage.
“I regret getting married young. I have since learned to endure tough situations such as going for a whole night on an empty stomach, especially with my baby, whom I am still breast feeding since I cannot afford to give her food with the required nutrients,” she lamented, before admitting that she had no faith in the future.
Kadzo’s mother , who gave consent to her daughter’s marriage, says that she had struggled to take care of a family of eight together with her husband.
Kadzo’s story is a clear testimony to the fact that poverty is the leading cause of child marriages in Kilifi County.
Many young girls are often married off to older men for reasons that include restoring or maintaining family honour or to settle a father’s debts and to obtain some other financial gain.
To stay with a girl as a wife, you have to pay dowry and since Kazungu had not fulfilled this obligation, Kadzo was again married off by her family to a 65 year old man. She was devastated and finally ran away.
The good news is that we managed to rescue the young Kadzo and enrolled her to the Single Mothers Association of Kenya in Nairobi where she joined other young mothers on vocational training.
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