Grace Neema appeals for Financial support for her education.

Grace Neema appeals for Financial support for her education.

Many children in our community face a lot of challenges attributing from poverty and forced early marriages. Today, we shall bring you a story of a young lady who has lived to achieve her dream, her name is Grace Neema.
She is the second born in a family of 7. Her mum was a very hard working woman until that moment when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She could sell cashew nuts, and fresh water at Dzikunze Pri sch to raise money to support her family.  Several times she did a fundraiser to help her go through the chemotherapy and buy drugs. It came a moment when she could not raise funds for her treatment. This situation worsened her condition and thereafter succumbed to death early this year. She was the bread winner of her family. One of her teachers we collaborate in matters of education; Mr Henry reached me and narrated to me her story. I was indeed touched by the situation that had befallen Grace. We made all necessary arrangements and although she joined high school, she reported in her primary school uniform. It was over the half term I thought she will be able to get proper uniforms and other basic needs but that was not the case. She called me asking for any help, I had to run a campaign on facebook and we managed to give her few basics including Dictionary, Bible and Kamusi, school skirt, sanitary pads, body oil, kiwi, toilet paper and laundry soap. She still needs more support. Her total fee is about ksh40535 resulting from an annual fee of ksh 162140. She stays in school under Headteachers mercy as we wait for bursary and any well-wishers.

We are currently seeking any financial support that would help her achieve her dream.

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