Our Form Four leavers Forum links the out of school youth with volunteer role models and mentors who positively influence and guide the youth’s approach to life. The focus is on supporting these youngsters to successfully negotiate the transition points in their life.

The goal is to help the out of school, the drop outs, unemployed and therefore vulnerable youth develope positive thinking about themselves and gain basic skills that are essential for their personal lives& career development.

It aims at equipping the out of school youth, including Form 4 leavers with entrepreneurial skills and helping them set up gainful self-employment ventures. Through this training, we link the young entrepreneurs with experienced business people and educators with a belief that this will not only result to individual but collective economic and social prosperity of our nation.
Alot of transitioning students are unclear about what course to pursue after high school. We can take away the uncertainty.
*What am I really going to do?
*Can I really get there?
*If I do not make it then.. do I have any other option?
Kilifi County at the Coast region of Kenya records the lowest academic performance, according to national statistics ,only 30% of Kilifi County residents attained secondary level of education and above. The situation is contributed by various factors such as high rate of poverty, early pregnancy and structural inadequacy. This is evidenced by the low transition rate to institutions of higher learning i.e. colleges Polytechnics and universities. Motivated by above factors, Smiles Of Hope Kenya is determined to change the narrative hence begun an education empowerment project in partnership with other organisations in February 2018 dubbed, “Kilifi County for higher Education “.
The program has already reached 500 youths so far 35% female and the rest male. We have students who got admission to Mombasa Technical Institute for training in building and construction course through the KCB tujiajiri scholarship, other students have graduated from CAP youth empowerment institution trained in different backgrounds including hospitality, automobile, security and guardian, saloon and beauty. Additionally we have exposed the youths to scholarship platforms and take them through the application process. They are also empowered on online training courses which are free and accessible.
Here’s a true story of one of our beneficiaries, she heard from us in an interview on Lulu F.m. , Vyonne is from a disadvantaged family, having lost her father at a tender age she was left with very slim chances of learning after her mum remarried and moved to another homestead. She struggled through her primary education, going to bed on an empty stomach not knowing if she would get breakfast the following morning. At home no one cared for her only her brother who earned 4000 a month. She did well in her KCPE and joined high school. She was only able to stay one term in school the first year, due to financial challenges she had to repeat the second year. She was determined, she used her talent and got herself involved in sports and games, tae kwondo and drama. She was also an active member of the scout movement, qualities which made the school keep her as she represented them up to the national level. She faced a lot of challenges but that could not stop her from pursuing her dream She overcame child marriage which many girls would opt for. She said no to premature sex. She remained focussed. She was successfully admitted to CAPYEI and has graduated with a certificate in hospitality. Her dream is to become an entrepreneur. She is currently employed to be able to raise funds to purchase items that can able her start her own catering bbusiness.


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