Meet Henry our Pioneer beneficiary of Smiles of Hope Programmes

Meet Henry our Pioneer beneficiary of Smiles of Hope Programmes

We are proud of our very first beneficiary to have graduated yesterday.

We met Henry last year on the verge of dropping out from school in Form Four. We shared his story on facebook and a well wisher one Eliza Mack sent some amount that would enable him go back to school. He is from a challenged background, survive by his mother after loosing his father. His mother who got diagnosed with a chest problem with a medical advice that she should do minor chores could not afford to pay for his school fees. He was so focused and determined, so passionate about education and scored good grades when he attended classes well until when he started to be absent for a whole term, due to fee arrears. He moved from home(far from school) and rented a room near the school, this he paid for by himself. After class he went to look for employment (kibarua) to get money for food, rent and pay school fees bit by bit. He went through a lot of challenges to almost giving up, I several times called and gave a word of advice and hope together with his teachers he managed to sit for his KCSE exam.

The day he did his last paper, he called me to say thank you for helping him attain KCSE certificate. I was so happy to see a Form Four leaver and not a drop out and congratulated him for making it to the end of secondary education. I immediately adviced him to join CAPYEI (vocational training center) -Muyeye Branch. He joined with the support from Edna Mbelaa Mary Kabibi Ziro, Mary Lynas and Hare Wakombe to cater for admission, uniform and other necessities. He settled for Hospitality, a course he did for Six months. 3 mnths class work including life skills and entrepreneur skills and 3 months on attachment at White Elephant Hotel in Malindi. I remember visiting him to monitor his progress.

Yesterday Henry graduated, I’m so grateful. He was awarded a certificate and got a starter kit (a blender and a set of 12 knives 🔪 ). I’m seeing an outside caterer who will start a restaurant and supply food in the busy town of Malindi

Any well-wishes to support Henry to get more curtlary and furniture to start his own business we will appreciate.

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