Meet Rahel , a student at Magarini Girls Secondary school

Meet Rahel , a student at Magarini Girls Secondary school

The main drivers of early child marriage in our community is identified as teenager pregnancy, poverty, lack of education and school drop out. Smile of hope Kenya creates awareness on the importance of education to the community and promotion of girls’ education and livelihoods, negative effects of child marriage and provide girls with social support to achieve their educational goals among other measures. It is our intention to identify best measures to delay child marriage.
Rahel currently a student at Magarini Girls narrowly escaped child marriage. Her mother who left home few years ago due to misunderstanding with the father, left Rahel with no option but to grow the hard way. Having lived by her father who has been a fisherman for over 10years, Rahel and family live under poverty line. The father developed a chronic disease some years back making his health to deteriorate. Due to lack of knowledge on the importance of girl child Education, Rahel’s father was tempted to marry her off. Her elder sister got married at a tender age due to Teen pregnancy.

Rahel is only 14 years. I met her in school when I visited them for mentorship, and that is where I got her sad story, that her father intends to marry her off, and in fact negotiations are underway.says Elizabeth, the Program Director. I later visited the father and had a nice dialogue who responded so well and gave me the go ahead to support Rahel to the highest level of education. She is a hardworking girl, she scored 341 marks in the KCPE2017. She could even have scored better marks were it not for the marriage negotiations going on while sitting for her exam. I’m seeing a future leader and a role model. She wishes to be a Pediatrician. Her total High school fees sums upto ksh 40535 resulting from the annual fee of Ksh 162140 for her secondary education. We rely mostly on bursary, we do ask for support from well-wishers to make her dreams come true.

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