Our Book Drive is still on!!

Our Book Drive is still on!!

It’s aim is to support education advancement through promotion of the reading culture in Kilifi County. It is an annual event intending to reach all the seven sub counties in Kilifi County. Our target this year will be Kilifi North sub-county.

In partnership with #Pwanifaces, #storymoja and other stakeholders, we are committed to implement the Book Drive and Reading day initiative. This will be held at Tezo Pri school, where schools from all over the sub county can easily participate. The book drive will be held from the month of May to the Month of August and aims to benefit 14 schools in Kilifi North sub-county Kilifi County. This drive will culminate in a reading day where more than 10 schools are expected to participate in.
There will be an essay writing competition where schools will write on the benefits of reading
Just like many other Counties in Kenya, the school performance for Kilifi county has been poor over the decades due to lack of access to information, mentorship and career guidance skills. The county is also characterized by poverty, food insecurity and drought which are also root causes of poor performance in school exams.
According to 2016 research by Twaweza East Africa, the county literacy average is at 33% and only 26% of class 3 students can do class 2 work.

The Book Drive and Reading Day will foster networks and build partnerships with parents, teachers, students and other stakeholders to promote the development of a reading culture and making books accessible to all youths and school going children.

We believe that by encouraging youths and school children to develop a reading culture, we double our potential for development and innovation.
Clearly there is a real need for developing a reading culture not only in Kilifi but in Kenya as a whole, to empower the ever expanding, healthy and highly marginalized youth population.

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