Smile of Hope book drive

Smile of Hope book drive

Real poverty is lack of  books.!! Libraries are important cornerstone of every healthy school/community. They give the students the opportunity to experience new ideas, assist those who cannot afford to buy and at the same time provide a common place for gathering. It is a valuable resource and a lifetime to the world.

We are excited about launching our very first Library initiative mid this year at Vishakani Primary school in Kaloleni constituency, Kilifi County where we donated around 1000 , including story books, novels, revision materials and primary school text books. We intend to do this event annually as we wish to promote the reading culture of books in Kilifi County. In July 2018 we are expected to start another Library in Tezo Ward Kilifi North constituency Kilifi County.We love  book drives, for they help us send so many wonderful books to those who need them. Special thanks goes to Kilifi Community library and all well wishers who made it a success

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